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What is Crash Bandicoot

Crash bandicoot is a game that the player that controls crash who must travel the three islands to defeat his creator Dr Neo cortex and rescue his girlfriend tawna the is also split up into levels which the progresses through overtime crash/the player is given a certain amount of lives in which the player progresses each time to proceed in the game while also proceeding in the game crash can a number of fruits and when a hundred are gathered it gives an extra life after every gather of fruits.
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Crash Bandicoot became a very popular video game that it that Naughty dog began creating a new list of games began to spread around the world in 1997 crash bandicoot cortex strikes back  was released followed by crash bandicoot warped, crash bandicoot the wrath of cortex, crash bandicoot twinsanity, crash of the titans and crash over mind


the first two levels of the game were mainly about strolling around the island encountering traps and fighting Indians and while progressing through the game you encounter major enemy’s and allies and you acheive knew abilities for example crash can obtain a witch doctors mask witch protects him from danger and can attack his enemy’s with a tornado like spinning ability


As you may notice while many other games based on crash are being developed you may also notice that crash never speaks in any of the games until this one game that was released was called crash of the titans were crash screams out pancakes and from there it continued from the rest of the crash bandicoot series and as many more years passed crash bandicoot transcended into racing games, party games, spin off games and  mobile games


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